PMR Healthcare is a firm believer in treating people like people, not case numbers. Our clients understand that this determination to help their employees live happier, healthier lives can revitalize their entire company.

Companies who bring PMR primary care services into their custom clinic solution are giving employees and their families access to a private medical team who give them the personal, dedicated attention and advocacy every patient deserves at no cost. The result?

  • Improved employee recruitment and retention
  • Reduced lost work time
  • Hard-dollar ROI on the overall health program
  • Increased employee productivity and long-term health

Care and Treatment

PMR Healthcare can be used for employees, dependents, retirees- whomever the client specifies or who is on their insurance plan. Medical services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Treatment of general medical disorders, aches, pains
  • Treatment of most chronic illnesses (such as diabetes and hypertension)
  • Care for episodic illnesses (such as cold and flu)
  • Care for minor personal industries (such as bruises and lacerations)
  • PMR’s in-depth annual exam
  • PMR’s patented wellness program
  • Case management and care coordination with specialists

Other Primary Care Services

PMR Healthcare’s primary care services extend to include additional patient education and service options that help patients live their happiest, healthiest lives and boost employers’ health program ROI. This includes the clinic’s ability to provide the following and more:

  • Flu shots and other vaccinations
  • Laboratory services
  • Prescription dispensation services
  • Secure online health history and test results
  • Online patient portal
  • Patient engagement and education programs