Medical Statistics

A self-insured manufacturing company in Carlsbad, California was battling increased healthcare costs. They were looking for a long-term solution that would decrease costs and give their employees better healthcare options.


Employees and Dependents

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Savings In Year One

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Reduced Cost Per Employee

A success story from PMR

PMR Healthcare (PMR) consulted with the client to determine if a clinic solution was a viable way to reduce their rapidly rising healthcare program costs. Hand audits of their claims data showed that a clinic offering primary and occupational care could be the solution they were looking for.

An approximately 1040 square foot PMR clinic was opened to 547 employees and 801 spouses and dependents. It treated patients for all primary and episodic needs, and provided occupational healthcare as well. PMR additionally expanded the client’s high performance network for increased success and improved case management, and implemented a prescription dispensation program that provided most medications to patients for no cost to themselves.

Savings & Statistics

As a self-insured company, the client realized significant benefits from their PMR clinic- primarily increased savings on total health care costs. These savings can be seen in the following numbers:

Before PMRAfter PMR
Annual Cost$5,360,600.00$4,305,593.00
Cost Per Employee$9,800.00$7,871.00
Annual Cost Savings in Year 1: $1,055,007.00
Annual Total Savings Per Employee in Year 1: $1,929.00 (19.7% savings)

Because of a dedicated partnership with PMR, the client routinely saw cost savings, positive patient outcomes, and use of the onsite PMR clinic throughout the duration of the case study.