PMR Healthcare's Mission

Occupational healthcare. Primary care. Construction medical services. Specialty services. Since 2005, PMR Healthcare has been expanding our knowledge in each of these areas to provide employers with successful clinic solutions. Our dedication to the future and to worksite clinic innovation is the foundation of the PMR Promise.

The PMR Promise is as candid as we are: PMR Healthcare creates custom clinic solutions to solve employer issues and treats people like people, not case numbers. Our promise has led us across 5 continents, supporting employers and employees alike by providing what other clinic operators cannot— fully integrated clinic solutions that show both real medical improvement and provable results.

Two Decades In The Making

Creating Happier, Healthier Lives


Our founder watched multiple close family members battle both cancer and the healthcare system.


Cross-disciplinary specialists gathered to solve the major issues they saw with the healthcare system.


The team completed the original business models for primary, occupational, and construction clinics.


PMR Healthcare was born!
PMR Healthcare’s first two clinics were on opposite sides of the country.


The team completed the business models for the first integrated clinics.


PMR Healthcare went international, going on to work on 5 continents!


PMR Healthcare introduced expanded scope integrated clinics, including more specialty services and programs.


PMR Healthcare widely introduced an innovative new Wellness Program, better known as the 1-2-3-6 Plan.


PMR Healthcare introduced a revolutionary new diabetes management program.


PMR Healthcare began focusing on new ways to reach increasingly diverse patients: through text, email, and more!


PMR Healthcare continues to serve as our clients' strategic partner by providing worksite solutions that show provable ROI, increase employee morale, and result in happier, healthier lives.

Why We're Different

What Sets PMR Healthcare Apart From Other Clinic Operators?

As a privately owned company, PMR Healthcare is able to focus on your company and needs instead of on investor demands. This flexibility, as well as our dedication to the PMR Promise, are what allows us to provide clients and partners with the following listed benefits, and more:

Comprehensive hand audits of client medical and Rx claims
Integrated services in a single clinic
Provable ROI
Hard-dollar savings
Private labeling for no additional fee
Comprehensive occupational care programs
Performance guarantees on a case by case basis
National and international expansion opportunities
Our Proven Results

PMR Healthcare's Testimonials

Check out these video testimonies from our patients, doctors, and clients. They give new meaning to the phrase “happier, healthier lives.”