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A self-insured manufacturing company in California was facing a downturn in production. They were concerned about layoffs and wondered if they should close their Work Comp Injury Clinic. PMR Healthcare told them about a new full-service clinic program that was effectively supporting other facilities with similar issues.


Employees and Dependents

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Savings In Year One

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Lower Cost Per Employee

A success story from PMR

PMR Healthcare (PMR) worked with the client to determine what options the client had to save money while supporting employees and their families. The client chose to implement a primary care solution that had worked for other manufacturing clients.

An approximately 1135 square foot PMR clinic was opened to employees and their families for 5 days a week. Specialist treatment was also available for three days a week. The clinic provided treatment for employees and their families for all primary, episodic, and wellness care needs. PMR then helped the client educate its employees about the PMR clinic and its advantages to employees and families, such as convenience and excellent care- an integral part of the overall cost effectiveness of the clinic.

Savings & Statistics

As a self-insured company, the client realized significant benefits from their PMR clinic- primarily increased savings on total health care costs. These savings can be seen in the following numbers:

Before PMRAfter PMR
Annual Cost$8,076,940.00$6,291,552.00
Cost Per Employee$8,620.00$6,715.00
Annual Cost Savings in Year 1: $1,785,388.00
Annual Total Savings Per Employee in Year 1: $1,905.00 (22.1% savings)

The client saved $1,785,388.00 in the first year of operation alone! After seeing these results, the client implemented new healthcare program changes in year two, which increased clinic usage and raised savings per employee from 22.1% to 29.4%  in year two.

Because of a dedicated partnership with PMR, the client routinely saw cost savings, positive patient outcomes, and use of the onsite PMR clinic throughout the duration of the case study.