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A success story from PMR

PMR Healthcare has been operating employer clinics since 2005. Today, we operate over 170 clinics in the United States and have followed our client’s to 5 continents. Our experience has made us proficient at providing both integrated healthcare solutions and occupational health services.

The following case study is just one example of how PMR has helped employers achieve their clinic program goals.

  • Project Type: Commercial/Residential
  • Location: College Station, Texas
  • Project Duration: 3 Years
  • Project Total Cost: $225+ Million
  • Project Man Hours: 1.2 Million

Savings & Statistics

PMR Healthcare was brought onto this project on day one to help avoid skyrocketing medical costs and to ensure employee safety and well-being.

Because the client brought PMR Healthcare onsite from day one of their project, they avoided hefty fines and expensive medical costs. Instead, they saved $1,381,025.00!

Project medical savings are calculated from the direct reduction in outside provider utilization. Additional client savings are realized from the reduction in work comp claims and their associated litigation and long-term medical cost, but they are not included in the $1,381,025.00 savings amount.