Medical Statistics

The client is a self-insured company in the northwest United States with 2,787 employees and 3,948 spouses and dependents. The client was fighting annually increasing healthcare program costs. After learning of the success of a nearby PMR clinic, they invited PMR Healthcare to their site for a consultation.


Employees and Dependents

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Savings in Year One

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Lower Cost Per Employee

A success story from PMR

PMR Healthcare (PMR) worked closely with the client’s management team to design a custom integrated clinic solution for the client.

A 2165 square foot PMR clinic was opened to employees and their families for 60 hours a week. It employed 1 physician, 1 nurse practitioner, and 3 medical office staff to treat adults and children for all primary and episodic needs. PMR then helped the client educate its employees about the PMR clinic and its advantages to employees and families, such as convenience and excellent care. PMR also promoted wellness programs, which resulted in a high level of employee participation … an integral part of overall cost effectiveness.

Savings & Statistics

As a self-insured company, the client realized significant benefits from their PMR clinic- primarily increased savings on total health care costs. These savings can be seen in the following numbers:

Before PMRAfter PMR
Annual Cost$31,961,984.88$27,103,763.18
Cost Per Employee$11,468.24$91,725.07
Annual Cost Savings in Year 1: $4,858,221.70
Annual Total Savings Per Employee in Year 1: $1,743.17 (15.2% savings)

The client saved $4,858,221.70 in the first year of operation alone! Based on these results, the client chose to add additional services and increase hours of operation to further grow their savings in the following year. This choice allowed them to see over 20% savings in year two.

Because of a dedicated partnership with PMR, the client routinely saw cost savings, positive patient outcomes, and use of the onsite PMR clinic throughout the duration of the case study.