About PMR Healthcare

Happier, healthier lives start here! PMR Healthcare has been dedicated to helping employers solve their health program issues and improving patient outcomes since 2005.

PMR Healthcare hand audits your last 12 to 36 months of claims and Rx data to learn what services your employees and their families need the most. This can include any combination of primary care, specialty care, or occupational healthcare services. The integrated clinic solutions that are the result of this customization support the whole community!

Not looking for a full clinic solution? PMR has plenty of experience providing occupational health and construction medical solutions as well. In fact, our first two clinics were created specifically to lower incident rates and improve safety ratings!

How We Help

Our Services Are Your Solutions

There is no standard design for a PMR Clinic. Instead, we focus on providing what our clients need, wherever in the world they may need it.

Primary Care Services

Primary Care Services

Give your employees and their families access to a dedicated private medical staff and see real medical improvement.

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Industries We Serve

PMR Healthcare has a long history of providing personalized healthcare solutions for unique companies from a wide array of industries. Our expanding range of services, ability to take clinics directly to employees, and focus on the highest quality healthcare means that your company is in good hands with PMR Healthcare.