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Healthcare costs per employee cut by 25% through
Partnership with PMR
See how one client wanting to improve health care
and reduce costs achieved their goals in partnership
with PMR

Our customers are our ultimate advertisement.

We can talk all day about PMR Healthcare, but our customers are the ones you really want to listen to. They’re the ones who can give you the real story.

Here are some words directly from our customers’ lips to your ears …


"They have demonstrated a unique ability to deal with adverse situations in less than ideal conditions."

- Howard W, Calpine Power Services


"They rapidly became an extremely valuable asset to our safety program and were instrumental in reducing our incident rate from 10.69 down to 1.40 in just two years."

- Larry R, Safety Manager


"Their quick response and medical attention illustrates the comprehensive knowledge they have in the medical field."

- Wayne J, INC Startup Engineers


"PMR was able to provide us with superior medical personnell and management that met all of our medical needs, together with confidentiality, ethics and the corporate standards that our organization requires."

- Jim N, Wood Group


'PMR staff's professional behavior, pleasant disposition and positive attitude are a credit to them, our company and the project as a whole."

- Dale L, OMPP

The Best Access

"Since PMR began providing service for us in mid 2005, they have proven their worth in ways not fathomable to us just days before. PMR has managed to lower our healthcare cost and give our employees instant access to the best doctors."

- Ron G, SG Company