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Everything we do at a PMR clinic in the city … we can do in a remote area! … when and where it’s needed. 

Whether your worksite is in a large city, a small town, or a remote area, your workforce needs access to medical attention. That’s why PMR provides remote clinics — to serve companies with employees in remote locations where healthcare is inadequate or unavailable.

Today, major operations, especially oil, gas, and mining, often take place in remote areas where access to both medical services and transportation services are limited. PMR recognizes that remote clinics are essential to treat the people who work on these projects.

PMR has experience building and operating remote clinics in isolated or inaccessible environments. From a mine site in central South Africa, to an oil platform in the North Sea, to a wind farm in upstate Montana, our remote clinics serve the medical needs of workers where they need it.

PMR remote clinic services can include:

  • Occupational care.
  • Primary and preventative healthcare, diagnostic capability and 24/7 emergency care.
  • Emergency response planning and coordination.
  • Mobile clinics.
  • Medical evacuation by land, air, or sea.
  • Wellness, preventative medicine, and vaccination programs.
  • Equipment, drugs, and disposable medical supplies, all tailored to the environment.
  • Site surveys and audits.
  • Occupational health consulting and program development.
  • Drug and alcohol test programs. 
  • Onsite laboratory and radiological services.

PMR knows how to deliver medical services to people, wherever they are, when they need them!

Primary Care
PMR Primary Care Programs treat the most common medical issues, using an innovative healthcare delivery system for significant cost savings.

Occupational Care
PMR Occupational Health Care Programs help reduce Workers Compensation claims and costs.

Construction Medical
PMR Construction Medical Programs reduce recordable injury rates, lost timeincidents, workers compensation claims, insurance premiums, and safety fines and citations.

Drug & Alcohol Screening
With today’s concerns for health and safety, having an active Drug & Alcohol screening program has never been more important.