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A clinic with your name on it … and PMR’s expertise behind it!

In today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape, many companies are considering starting their own clinics or providing clinics to their clients.

PMR delivers a valuable service to assist such companies: Private Label Clinics. We do all the backend work to set up the clinic, staff it, and manage it. Then you put your name on it and have control over your own marketing and sales.

A Private Label Clinic does not require you to have in-depth knowledge of the healthcare marketplace or clinic management – PMR already has more than a decade of experience in those areas. In fact, PMR can set up any type of Private Label clinic you need: from primary care, occupational, and construction medical, to remote, international, or mobile clinics.

PMR has successfully worked with safety and medical groups, hospitals, and insurance companies to set up Private Label Clinics. Our client’s name is always on the clinic, but the daily management and liability is all ours.

PMR Private Label clinics provide the benefits of:

  • Turnkey operation.
  • Reduced liability and risk avoidance.
  • No additional management expense.
  • Rapid mobilization and de-mobilization.
  • Local, state, and national regulation compliance.
  • Cost savings that can be passed on to your clients.
  • Professional health care management and medical direction.
  • Successful delivery of quality healthcare with your corporate branding.

With a Private Label Clinic, you can concentrate on your core competencies, while offering expanded medical services to your customers.


Ocupational Clinic
Primary Care
PMR Primary Care Programs treat the most common medical issues, using an innovative healthcare delivery system for significant cost savings.

Occupational Care
PMR Occupational Health Care Programs help reduce Workers Compensation claims and costs.

Construction Medical
PMR Construction Medical Programs reduce recordable injury rates, lost timeincidents, workers compensation claims, insurance premiums, and safety fines and citations.