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Bringing care directly to the patient at the work site … when and where it’s needed. 

Large-sized, multi-location, or rolling work sites have a unique set of needs when it comes to healthcare. For example, when workers are separated by long distances on projects such as refineries, solar/wind farms, transmission lines, oil pipelines, or highways, how do you treat their injuries? With mobile clinics!

PMR is a leading domestic and international provider of mobile clinics. These are “medical clinics on wheels,” usually housed in vehicles the size of an SUV or larger, sometimes as big as an RV or a pull-trailer! A mobile clinic travels directly to your worksite and helps injured or ill employees get stabilized so they can return to work or be moved to a hospital.

Mobile clinics are great for a variety of worksites, such as:

  • Large-size. For example, a solar or wind farm covering a large acreage.
  • Moving. For example, several short-term pipeline projects that are worked in succession.
  • Multiple projects. For example, multiple construction projects in close proximity to one another.
  • Rolling. For example, a road construction or transmission line project that travels.

Mobile clinics operate independently or in conjunction with an established, PMR stationary clinic used for treating more serious incidents. A stationary clinic often becomes a hub from which the mobile clinics operate, driving out to individual worksites as needed.

PMR also meets clients at their doctor’s office to monitor and manage their cases. Specifically, we work closely with the doctor to make sure their patients get the best care, and recommend modified, light work duty so patients do not have to miss work.

Our PMR mobile clinics accomplish the following:

  • Serve our clients and their employees, promoting high-quality health care at lower cost.
  • Provide a unique alternative to stationary, onsite medical clinics for all industries including: power line, pipeline, roadwork and large site project contractors.
  • Bridge the gap between OSHA, Workers Compensation, and initial medical treatment, and reduce treatment delays due to geography.
  • Protect your company's safety record by administering necessary treatment at the incident location, thereby preventing costly Workers Compensation claims and recordables, unnecessary lost time, costly off-site treatments, and disability, while ensuring modified light duty and physical therapy for your injured employee.
  • Ensure lower overall costs and provide continuity of care to all your employees.

PMR makes sure mobile medical care reaches your employees as fast as possible.

Primary Care
PMR Primary Care Programs treat the most common medical issues, using an innovative healthcare delivery system for significant cost savings.

Occupational Care
PMR Occupational Health Care Programs help reduce Workers Compensation claims and costs.

Construction Medical
PMR Construction Medical Programs reduce recordable injury rates, lost timeincidents, workers compensation claims, insurance premiums, and safety fines and citations.

Case Management
Case management is more than managing claims and paper … it’s managing injured people and their treatment.

Drug & Alcohol Screening
With today’s concerns for health and safety, having an active Drug & Alcohol screening program has never been more important.