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Imagine a clinic onboard your vessel or at your port operation where any employee or even guest and dependents can be seen with little or no waiting, all cases are followed up, and the doctor is available on your schedule!

If you’re a shpping company or port operator, you know that many factors are pushing up availability and cost of healthcare, while the quality of the care is declining. New legislation is making it harder and harder to achieve your goals and take care of your employees.

A PMR Onsite Clinic offering Maritime Medical Services changes everything!

PMR staff have worked with maritime industry clients for years and understand the concerns that plague your operations. With a PMR Healthcare onsite clinic offering Maritime Medical Services, you will have options for Primary Care as well as Occupational Care and many other programs.

At a PMR onsite primary care clinic your guests along with your employees and in some cases their spouses and dependents will have to access to a private clinic with services dedicated to only them. They will have patient visits that are long enough to get to know the clinician, allowing them to be properly diagnosed. The service does not end there…. PMR acts as their advocate even if they have to go out to a specialist. On top of that, our primary care clinics act as a patients’ medical home and can provide common prescriptions and laboratory testing, right from clinic, with no additional cost to the employee.

With a PMR onsite occupational care clinic you rarely have to send your employees to an outside doctor or ER, which means you don’t have to open a workers compensation claim. This reduces lost work time and potential reportablility/recordability, which in turn lowers your Experienced Modification Rating (EMR).

If an injured employee does require hospitalization or recuperation time, PMR will assist in managing their care by working with outside medical staff and the employee to ensure appropriate treatment and follow-up appointments. The result? A timely return to work.

PMR onsite medical services for the Maritime Industry include:

  • Primary care
  • Occupational care
  • Annual physicals
  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Wellness programs
  • Specially trained medical staff
  • FMLA program assistance
  • ADA compliance program assistance
  • Immediate medical treatment for injuries and illnesses
  • First report injury and witness statement forms
  • Management of follow-up care
  • Modified work duty program assistance
  • Return to work program assistance
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Employee safety and health training
  • Functional capacity exams
  • Hearing and basic vision testing
  • Pulmonary function testing (PFT)
  • Workers compensation record keeping
  • Short and long-term disability management
  • Assistance with MSHA and/or OSHA record keeping

With PMR Maritime Medical services, you and your employees save money, get quality medical care without long wait times along with patient advocacy and patient focused medicine. All of this plus quick return to work, decreased recordable injury incidents, and reduced number of workers compensation claims.

Ocupational Clinic
Primary Care
PMR Primary Care Programs treat the most common medical issues, using an innovative healthcare delivery system for significant cost savings.

Occupational Care
PMR Occupational Health Care Programs help reduce Workers Compensation claims and costs.

Wellness Programs
Help your employees get healthy and stay healthy – and save on healthcare cost!

Drug & Alcohol Screening
With today’s concerns for health and safety, having an active Drug & Alcohol screening program has never been more important.