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Healthcare costs per employee cut by 25% through
Partnership with PMR
See how one client wanting to improve health care
and reduce costs achieved their goals in partnership
with PMR

PMR Healthcare's Onsite Clinics bring savings and quality Medical care to your company, your employees, and their families

Healthcare in America is at a turning point. The old system doesn’t work, and
a new system is not yet in place. Enter a unique solution … PMR Onsite Clinics.

Our system of delivering medical services onsite is a new way of looking at an old
problem – bringing quality healthcare to employees at an affordable price.

Sound impossible? What we can tell you is that many of our clients achieve healthcare savings of more than 25% in the first year alone, and then go on to save even more, year after year.

How do we do it? We work smarter to drive costs out of the existing system. We eliminate third party providers, reduce administrative paper work, and manage referrals and prescriptions.

What’s our secret? Healthcare means treating people, not pushing paper. This is the thinking behind PMR Onsite Clinics, clinics where patients can be treated promptly and efficiently. With a PMR Onsite Clinic, your employees get a chance to see a doctor more often without it costing more. Doctors get to know patients and their family histories. This means problems get caught earlier before they develop into something more serious … and costly!

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Reducing healthcare costs and improving healthcare quality is not rocket science!


"They have demonstrated a unique ability to deal with adverse situations in less than ideal conditions."
- Howard W, Calpine   Power Services