PMR benefits
PMR benefits

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PMR Benefits

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Healthcare costs per employee cut by 25% through
Partnership with PMR
See how one client wanting to improve health care
and reduce costs achieved their goals in partnership
with PMR

A company and its employees benefit when a PMR onsite clinic enters their lives.

 If you already read about our services, you may be wondering how a PMR Onsite Clinic can benefit you.

PMR Onsite Clinics provide a win-win solution for both your employees and your company. When it comes to your employees, our clinics focus on improved healthcare and wellness services, with reduced out-of-pocked costs. When it comes to your company, our clinics help decrease your healthcare program costs, as well as reduce lost work time and absenteeism due to illness and injury.

A PMR Onsite Clinic provides a broad spectrum of benefits to both your employees and your company.

Employees Company
  • $0 dollar co-pay
  • Reduced paycheck deductions
  • Reduced prescription costs
  • Reduced premiums
  • Reduced claims
  • Reduced 3rd-party administration costs
  • Convenient location
  • No travel time
  • Easy access to physicians
  • No more waiting
  • Less paperwork and administration
  • Decrease in lost work time and absenteeism
  • Improved case managemen
  • Increased wellness and productivity
  • More time for doctors to spend with patients
  • Real family medicine with better follow-up care
  • Earlier diagnosis of illness
  • Improved wellness education
  • Increased healthcare utilization
  • Quality-assurance audits
  • Higher employee morale

To learn more about the benefits of a PMR onsite clinic, read about the PMR Advantage

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Reducing healthcare costs and improving healthcare quality is not rocket science!

"They have demonstrated a unique ability to deal with adverse situations in less than ideal conditions."

- Howard W, Calpine   Power Services