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About PMR Healthcare

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About PMR Healthcare

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The PMR Healthcare Promise

For 10 Years PMR Healthcare has been on a mission … to find effective, creative and ethical ways to help companies reduce their healthcare costs and improve the medical care that employees and their families receive.

A Personal Beginning

We know that healthcare is not just about insurance, it’s about treating people and their medical needs. PMR CEO, Craig Marcroft knows something about that from personal experience. In 1999, when a family member was diagnosed with cancer, Craig saw first hand how the healthcare system dealt with a serious illness – with tons of paperwork outlining deductibles, explanation of benefits, and denial of services. Then, there were the referrals, the endless number of doctors who never seemed to communicate with one another, and the overwhelming feeling that the patient was just a cog in the machine. Craig was surprised there was so much waste and so little human interaction. He did not like what he saw. He decided to make a difference!

Craig was a seasoned executive who had owned and run several businesses in a variety of industries during the past 15 years. Craig decided to use his problem-solving, customer-service, and profitability experience in a different way – to help companies solve the healthcare riddle. He knew that insurance was not the answer, treatment was!

PMR Healthcare Takes Off

In 2003, Craig began gathering a cross-disciplinary team of specialists from the insurance, medical, and business fields to research and build the foundation for health-related firm. It made sense to start implementing new ideas about health, safety, insurance, and costs through one of his existing firms.

Once the ideas were validated and the startup team was in place, PMR Healthcare was incorporated. Shortly thereafter, Joseph Donadio became VP of Operations. Joe was a corporate executive, former Clinical Administrator for a New York hospital system, and former Manager of Operations for Medical Response at JFK Airport. He was a man who knew how to quickly analyze and manage situations and teams.

As VP of Operations, Joe built a staff of trained medical professionals, and he and Craig started setting up onsite clinics at construction sites. From there, they graduated to improving health and safety programs. And then it was on to setting up occupational care clinics at manufacturing facilities, complete with an expanded staff of occupational specialists. Injuries went down, lost work-time decreased, and employee morale shot up. Why not extend the successful model to other types of business?

Thus the idea of an onsite primary care clinic was born. The PMR Healthcare staff then expanded to provide full-service primary care at onsite clinics in all business sectors.

Don’t forget, we’re your partner. We continue to monitor your healthcare costs and manage the operation for the life of the clinic. We make sure you realize continued savings into the future.

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"They have demonstrated a unique ability to deal with adverse situations in less than ideal conditions."

- Howard W, Calpine   Power Services