Supplemental services

Sometimes, you need more than the basics. Aside from a wide range of clinic types with associated core services and programs, PMR Healthcare proudly offers supplemental services to further meet all your employees’ healthcare needs.
PMR Healthcare is dedicated to creating onsite clinics that meet the unique needs of your company, your employees, their spouses, and their dependents. We know that providing high quality healthcare means treating people like human beings, rather than case numbers and paperwork. That is why we offer multiple services at all of our clinic types.

We also offer Supplemental Services to maximize your healthcare program savings and ensure that your employees live their healthiest, most productive lives. We work with you to determine which supplemental services will best benefit your company, and tailor them to fit your exact needs.

In a traditional healthcare system, these Supplemental Services would be offered by third-party vendors, outside of a clinic. However, when you choose to add supplemental services to your existing PMR Onsite Clinic, they are all provided onsite, in one place. Talk about convenient!

We can provide Supplemental Services at any established PMR Onsite Clinic. These services are supplemental to the core clinic services which are determined when PMR Healthcare performs a comprehensive audit and assesses your company’s healthcare needs. To learn more about the core services your PMR Onsite Clinic could benefit from, visit Clinics.

Wellness Programs

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Mental Health

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Lab Work

Specialist Care

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