PMR Onsite Clinics are tailored to fit your company and work force’s needs, from the location to the services provided.
PMR Healthcare provides a wide array of Onsite Clinic options. Each of our clinics is customized to fit the wants and needs of the company it serves. We work with you to discover which of our services will best benefit you and your employees, offering options such as primary care, occupational care, and more. We provide these services wherever you are, be it a remote location, onboard a ship, in moving locations, or at your home facility.

After we determine the type of clinic you need and the services you require, PMR Healthcare equips, staffs, runs, and maintains the clinic for its lifetime. Best of all, we do this while reducing costs for your company and employees. Your company saves money on its healthcare program and it benefits from faster returns to work, increased employee morale, and a reduction in lost work time and absenteeism due to illness or injury. Your employees, their spouses, and their dependents pay significantly lower or no out of pocket-costs to receive the highest quality healthcare available.

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