The PMR Approach


Today’s medical culture results in low quality care at a high price for both your company and your employees.

Did you know that:
  • On average, only 6 minutes of an appointment are spent with the doctor?
  • The median American hourly wage is $21, but the average co-pay is over $40?
  • People are more likely to take their car to a shop than visit a doctor?
  • The top reasons for not seeking medical treatment are cost and time?

If employees are unwilling to visit the doctor, where do your constantly-rising healthcare program costs come from? At least 60% of those costs come from spouses and dependents. Why? Because children visit the doctor 1.3 times more than women and 2.7 times more than men. The rest of your costs come from administration, onsite accidents, changing legislation, and the effects of not treating illness and injuries: lost work time, absenteeism, low morale, and low productivity.

PMR Healthcare is dedicated to fixing these problems and more.

Because no two companies are alike and every industry and work culture is different, our pioneering Onsite Clinics are unique to each company’s needs. Clinics can be remote, international, mobile, or in your home office. Clinics can serve active employees, spouses, dependents, and even retired employees.

We work with you to decide what services to provide and to whom. A partnership with PMR Healthcare typically looks like this:

1. PMR Healthcare assesses your costs, site, concerns, claims history, and current healthcare program.
2. We develop a proposal for your onsite clinic. It includes the up-front cost of clinic set up, additional services, our ongoing annual fee for clinic operation, revenue budgets, and savings potential.
3. Once you approve the proposal, PMR Healthcare sets up the clinic in an existing facility or manages the construction of a new one.
4. We provide the high-quality staff, management, and equipment to run your onsite clinic.
5. PMR Healthcare operates and manages your onsite clinic on an ongoing basis.
6. We continue to evaluate your claims and healthcare program to refine clinic offerings and show your return on investment (ROI).

Your company realizes continued savings starting on day one!


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